The Valentine’s Ball



<Sai> Hmm… games, huh? Yeah, sure, I’d be up for that.


<Sai> *She heads towards the back and examines the pool table* Never played pool, though. There’s a stick involved, right? That’s about as far as I know.

Kilián: Haha, don’t worry, I’ll lead ya through it! *Kilián fetches the cue sticks, twirling them both stylishly with but a few fingers before handing Sai hers, the grip end toward the Lopunny. Once she takes it up, Kil points toward the triangularly assorted spheres*

Aï, you see how there’s fifteen balls here? And how seven of them are colored, while seven are striped, and there’s a black eight ball? *she then points to the holes of the table* The goal of the game is to rack up all seven of your side into these holes, by hitting them with a strike of this white ball. *Kilián raises the white ball with a click of her tongue before continuing*

It’s best to try aiming for combos if you can! Once you have all seven of your kind pocketed, then you gotta score the eight ball. If you do it before getting seven of your balls, it doesn’t count. Whoever has seven of their balls scored and then lands the eight ball wins! Ya got it? If so… *Kil backs up and spins her cue stick around before leaning against the table with stick in her arm’s grasp*

I call stripes~!


* The monster howls one last time before collapsing over backwards, shaking the ground as it does so.


<Sai> Yeah! Way to go! You nailed it! Now, let’s see what this thing actually is… *She scrabbles around in the darkness for a bit before laying paws on a convenient branch. The monster must have dragged it in at some point… A few strikes of rock against rock are enough to set the branch alight. Sai waves it in the general area of the monster…*


<Sai> …It’s an Exploud. That makes a lot of sense. Guy’s bigger than normal Explouds, though. Wonder what happened there.

Kilián: *The Mienshao loomed over the defeated sound-based beast alongside her Lopunny companion, rubbing the back of her head as her brows lifted with intrigue.*

Huh… an Exploud? So that’s what its called. Can’t say I see Pokémon with mouths that big… or with so many blowholes on their bodies. No wonder it was so freakin’ loud, sheesh… *at the question Sai brought up, Kil gave a passive shrug*

Hm, ya got me. *… and then her face took a curious glint in her eyes* Aï, ya said this one was bigger than its kind, right? Funny, that Onix was almost the size of a Steelix if I remember correctly… Ya think this cave has something to do with that? If it does… I kinda wanna see what’s up. We could be on to something here.

In search of healing


Pax nearly gasped in alarm, then carefully shook her head, <n-no, he - he has been known to react violently if we try to take the flower or any part of it from him. I’m just… I’m worried that the flower is the very reason he’s in such bad shape. After all, he’s in his prime. But he has never told me whom the flower belongs to… perhaps you can coax it out of him,> she swallowed a little, <and while I doubt that he would ever hurt you, since that isn’t in his nature, I would recommend against touching the flower without telling him that you are going to. I don’t know is - is there anyway you can see if something is wrong with him, without possibly harming the flower?>

Bastion frowned when she mentions that no one had really given her any other name aside from Wanderer. He stared at her intensely for a moment, his goldenrod eyes glowing softly before he closed them. He didn’t open them again until he had come to some sort of conclusion.

“What is something that is of great importance to you?” he raised his hand to tenderly finger the flower sitting on his neck, “as for me it would be this flower.”

The worn Gallade nodded her head silently at the ghastly Espeon’s idea. Perhaps if there was something that she could do, to — pardon the pun — get to the root of the matter between Bastion and this beautiful fauna that somehow bleeds. As gorgeous as said flower was, seeing it drip those red fluids is not natural at all, and the fact that it appears to be ingrained into Bastion’s body…

But then her thought was disrupted with Bastion brought said plant life up, as an important item to him. A brief stare of conflict crossed the beaten girl’s face for a few seconds, and then a relaxed sigh steamed through her barely parted lips. She glances at the petaled treasure before nodding her head, fighting through her scratchy throat to utter the following:

"… it’s… a beautiful species of flower, sir… if it’s not too much" — cough — "ngh, trouble, would you be willing to… share the story behind that flora…? "

The wandering swordswoman took this time to tap into her psychic prowess to scan Bastion’s body, in order to see any form of link between the Bisharp and the pretty plant. As the Bisharp spoke of its tale, the Gallade traced the bladed metal Pokémon’s circulatory system since blood was running up to the flower. Much to her shock — although her face doesn’t show it very well except for a raise of her brows — she noticed something… rather shocking. Almost morbid about this link…

Turning her eyes to the ghost-like Espeon, she telepathically spoke to the psychic type about the news:

[“… the flower… it’s taken root, into his heart.”]

A Past Once Left Behind


Atlas waited while the two Gallades slipped on their rings as well. But at Olexei’s comment, his fist tightened a bit as his head lowered, darkened by the cloak as it gave him a rather sinister looking appearance. Almost sadistic one might say as he gave them both a look of anticipation. “Yes, we shall move out, but once we get there, I’m going in first, to ensure our equipment functions properly as our benefactor has so swiftly explained.” The ghost muttered, though his mood has become considerably darker. Be it from hoping to harm his father or something else, remained unknown.

Floating ahead at a rather brisk pace, he cared not of the dangers ahead as he levitated into the forest, his eye filled with grim determination as his body tensed with malice. He managed to avoid any lingering villagers that were walking near the forest edge. For a ghost of his size, he was surprisingly quiet and stealthy when he needed to be. He didn’t even seemed to be paying attention to Olexei and Cethin to see if they were following him in his absent minded traveling. He was on auto pilot now, no turning back from the decision he would choose.

Eventually they neared the entrance of the cave, and though common sense would dictate that it would be heavily guarded, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Utterly abandoned for lack of a better word. Atlas’s eye narrowed as he scanned the horizon, sweeping from left to right to ensure the coast was clear before signalling the other’s to proceed. But as he wandered near the cave, the entrance loomed over him as strange lights befuddled his mind. So this was the Dawn Stone caves everybody had been talking about. And though many would hesitate to enter such a place, Atlas had none as he casually floated into the entrance of the cavern. He waited for something to happen, his flesh to burn and ache, his head feel dizzy. A few seconds went by, then a minute, then a few more. But nothing, it seemed like Derek was true to his word after all, which felt like little comfort to the Dusknoir as he floated back to the entrance and waved at the two, signalling that it was all clear.

Olexei and Cethin proceeded after the Dusknoir, with Olexei closing his eyes and Cethin gritting his teeth with a narrow glare, rings firmly clutched in their fingers. Taking bold steps into the cave, although their body was compatible with this radiation, they too expected some sort of backlash upon entry. They’re well aware of the mutations and the scorchingly painful sensations that would result from overexposure…

… yet to their surprise, they didn’t feel so much as a headache or even nausea. Moreover, they took a look at themselves, and then at the rings. They were blinking, and lightly coating them in a protective barrier of sorts. It was the real deal… who would have thought?

"… my… that’s a pleasant surprise…" Olexei murmured silently to himself, releasing the tension in his shoulders before moving ahead.

"Yeah, no kidding…" Cethin blinked, still skeptic and not sure what to think of it. But rather than dwell and remain suspicious, he sucked in his gut and marched his way inside along with Atlas. The further in they went, the longer the cave felt… neither of the Gallades have went far into the cave… especially not to see some rather morbid signs along the way.

As the three traversed, they could see a few old, dusty, busted skulls littered on the floor, few and far between. Moreover, they had noticable malformations; some had asymmetrical eye sockets, others had twisted lower jaws, some bore misshapen teeth… Cethin could recognize some of the skulls himself, and seeing the lasting effects that the radiation has on those that have passed… it manages to shake him a bit.

But of course, there was no tiem for that. Shaking his head to clear himself of these shivers, he met up alongside Atlas, quietly whispering to the Dusknoir…

"… How much further, d’ya think…?"


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“Shh, calm down, Takeshi, it’s going to be okay.” Gently, she placed a hand on his arm in hopes of soothing him just a little bit. “You don’t need to worry about a thing…”


She tilted her head and gave him a reassuring, friendly smile, without any traces of stress or worry. She appeared to be more confident about this. “…because I’m going to help you, alright?”

The human then removed her hand from the bisharp. “Just keep calm, Takeshi,” She advised him, “And don’t try to move, that’ll only make it hurt more…” Turning her head, she glanced towards her side where her bag lied in the grass. She opened it up and pulled out a med kit, which contained the supplies that she would need to help him.

“Please, if you would… remove your arms from the wounds? I know it hurts, but I need to be able to look at it in order to help.” She quietly pleaded, lowering her head and gazing down on him. Poor thing… he really was in pain.

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Although his body was pulsing with stinging waves of pain from his abdomen, he managed to calm down enough when the human girl placed a hand on his arm, and then stifle his pained sniffling as her tender voice reassured him.  His squinted gaze looked up at her for a second, then averted down to the grass. Takeshi knew he could trust her, but in his mind… Arceus does this burn, and he needed some form of aid/relief immediately.

Slowly and nervously, he nodded his head, took a gulp, and slowly pulled his arms up off of his stomach, revealing the other half of his mutilation. Sure enough, the rib blades were utterly missing, leaving only the empty sheathes behind. Blood trickled down the fresh, deep red wounds like ooze; at least he wasn’t losing a lot in such a short time. That much is good to know, but the agony still surged through his body like a shock, making it hard for him to stay still without squirming every few seconds. Because of this, he found himself clutching the grass, his claws curling through the dirt to keep a grip as a means of venting.

As for his legs…  they’re at least straightened a little more, but still folded and twitching. It was like looking at an insect who barely survived being flattened…

"Ngh… g-gah, Arceus, why…"


Yaaaaay Athena sprite is done~ ♥

(( Beautiful work QuQ Thanks a bunch! You rock! ))


Yaaaaay Athena sprite is done~ ♥

(( Beautiful work QuQ Thanks a bunch! You rock! ))


(still on hiatus, but this finally wound up in my hands and I HAD to reply to it. A beautiful drawing of my beloved, albeit doomed ship with bladedduoathenatakeshi’s Kilian.


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Is… is Athena… smiling…? ono;

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"Well in battle it'll make my Physical attacks more powerful but it tends to make me miss more since I won't actually Take Aim rather instead I'll just rush any Attack and hope for the best. Outside of battle it'll just make me rush things like crazy given my title,the Reckless Flyer."

Athena: … Yep, a pain in the ass, just with a risky reward attached. Considering you are still in one piece at this point though, I guess I have to hand it to you for keeping it under control. My ability Steadfast hardly ever comes into play; it’s to the point that I forget I even have the damn thing sometimes.

In search of healing


“I see,” Bastion mused, his eyes narrowing for a brief moment as he observed the female. What a horrible thing, to not be welcomed back in her own village. Her coughing began to worry him, and even more so when she mentioned that she put the needs of others above herself. He reached out and set his hand against her knee, “are you all right my dear? You keep coughing…”

Pax, though Bastion nodded in response to the female Gallade’s question, looked a little bit frustrated. She hopped off of Bastion’s chest and set her paws on the Gallade’s thigh, prompting Bastion to move his hand away from the Gallade’s knee. Pax gazed up at the women for a minute, then tapped her tail against Bastion’s chest.

“I think there is more wrong with him,” Pax finally spoke. Bastion visibly stiffened. His gaze now shifted the tree parallel to him, his mouth a thin line. The Espeon now gestured to the flower, her ears flicking back. Instead of speaking right away she carefully climbed up onto the female’s shoulders and spoke to the Gallade telepathically instead, <that flower… once, when the vines you see coiled around him poked it… it bled. Flowers like that don’t bleed. Furthermore, there are roots of the flower embedded into the skin near his collarbone I’m… worried.>

Bastion was unaware of what Pax had told the female Gallade, and he posed a different question, “I’m sure a kind soul like yourself has met others… have they given you a name, m’lady?”

The Gallade eyed Pax quietly after taking note of the flowers and their roots. It’s an unusual sight, and the tone that the Espeon gives over the matter doesn’t make it sound any reassuring. Moreover, the wanderer has never seen such fauna… thus, she’s unsure if she should even touch it. Telepathically, she responds to the ghost:

[… Should I… should I cut the roots and pull them from his wounds, or…? I’m unfamiliar with this plant life…]

But before she could get an answer, she was asked by Bastion if others have given her a name. With her eyes to the night sky, past the silhouettes of the branches and taller trees, she finally answers:

"… no… n-not that I can —" and again, another cough, but lighter this time — " … ngh, recall… most just refer to me as the wanderer…" afterwards, the pale blue bladed maiden turns her gaze back at the Bisharp, her eyes still sullen but curious.

"… why do you ask…? … do you… have one for me…?"

Takeshi tell me when was the last time you saw Athena happy or at least give a smile or laugh? Because she reminds me a lot of someone I know (In real life unfortunately).

Takeshi: Hrm, from what I’ve heard, she has smiled and even laughed once — ONCE — with her mate, Katako… but I’ve never seen that, to be honest. And I’ve never seen her smile nor laugh outside of the confidence of that Gardevoir… I wonder how he does it? Or perhaps Athena is just too proud?

The latios them smiled as he picked up a leppa berry and took a bite into it. "Are you feeling okay now?" He asked chewing softly as he took another bite out of the berry.

Jessamine: *Settling in back on her spot, and safe from the dangers of slipping and making the same mistake, she took a deep breath and gave a relaxed sigh as the fulfillment in her gut rose with every bite. Batting her sad, sheepish magenta eyes at the Latios, she gives a weak nod*

Ah, y-yes, better… much better… *she smiles, but then clears her throat as she looks away*

… I… I-I’m sorry if I cause you any trouble, really…

… *she then hitches her shoulders up and closed her eyes, realizing she’s overapologizing. She hopes she’s not agitating him, but…*

"I wouldn't say I'm not the brightest,just not the carefullest,hustle ability doesn't help much either,I normally fly at high speeds but if I fly too fast-Insert Crash noise here-I just hit something. Surprisingly I never broke a wing yet."

Athena: … Hm. Hustle… that ability sounds familiar. Whatever it is, it sounds like a pain in the ass to deal with if it makes you prone to crashing. What does it even do?

She up righted herself rubbing the back of her head with a wing,only to fall from the sky for not remembering to keep flapping them"I'm okay! And I'm done now,I swear,no need to get your skirt in a bunch MA'AM,hahah."

Athena: *sighs, as not even the fall could make her smile, let alone laugh; she just stares at Violet, simply unamused*

… Not the brightest bird in the sky, are you?

She smirked taking to the skies again spinning upside down in an Joking manner"If that's what you call muscle then I'm sorry to say but you make a Jigglypuff look like a Machamp."

Athena: Still not done with the teasing are you?